PROTHERAPY is a holistic-style wellness centre dedicated to active rehabilitation for your rapid return to work and play.  If you are in pain or have suffered a recent injury, we know what’s on your mind: returning to work, returning to play, and returning to your life as quickly as possible.

There is no greater frustration for an active individual than to be prevented from achieving his or her goals due to injury.  Here at PROTHERAPY we have an unparalleled team of professionals committed to getting you back to your active and healthy lifestyle.  Our treatments are individually tailored to your needs and our  team will work with you one-on-one, employing a hands on approach.


Custom Orthotics

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Athletic Therapy

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Registered Dietitian

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massage therapy

Massage Therapy



bike fitting

Bike Fitting


Diabetes Prevention

compression socks

Compression Socks

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Event Coverage


Also Provided: Physiotherapy by
Anna Tremblay, Paulette Richard et Christine Leblanc